Addiction Treatment in West Hartford, CT

If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol and you live in West Hartford, treatment options are available for you. The prevalence of addiction has been rising in the United States, especially addictions to opiates. With prescription pain medications, many people became accidentally addicted to opiates after an illness or injury. This is a rising crisis throughout the United States and one that has been seen in West Hartford as well.

Understanding Addiction Treatment in West Hartford

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it's important to understand that addiction is a disease. At a drug rehab, you'll begin by attending a period of detox to remove drugs or alcohol from your system. Programs for addiction treatment in West Hartford include a variety of treatment options to get you from detox to programs that will teach you relapse prevention strategies to last a lifetime. Addiction is the physical dependence on a substance that results in withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using the substance.

You may discover that you are physically addicted to a substance when you try to cut down your use and this results in withdrawal symptoms. This is why it's so difficult to stop using drugs on your own, as the withdrawal symptoms cause most people to stop using again in order to get rid of the symptoms. When you want to remove drugs or alcohol from your system, a drug rehabilitation facility is the safest way to do so.

Why One Becomes an Addict and Needs Addiction Treatment in West Hartford

There are a number of reasons people need to seek drug rehab in West Hartford because of an addiction. While there isn't always a reason someone becomes an addict, past trauma, and difficult childhoods can lead to substance abuse as a way to cope with emotional pain. Addiction can come on slowly. An individual may be introduced to a substance by a friend or family member. Continued use of drugs or alcohol can lead to physical dependence. Other times a person can be prescribed opiate pain medication and become physically unable to stop the substance without drug rehab. Programs for addiction treatment in West Hartford focus on getting you through the physical detox and moving on to relapse prevention strategies.

It doesn't matter why you have become an addict, but how you are going to proceed with treatment once you come to the decision that you are an addict. If past trauma is one cause, it will greatly aid your recovery if you begin to see an individual counselor to help you heal from your past trauma. In addition, a counselor will help you identify the triggers in your life that have led to your use of substances.

The Importance of Entering Addiction Treatment in West Hartford

If your life is out of control because of your drug or alcohol addiction, it's time to seek treatment for your problems. Programs for addiction treatment have seen a number of success stories. Without treatment, it is almost impossible to quit using drugs or alcohol on your own. When you try to withdraw from drugs or alcohol at home, you don't get the support you need in the event that your symptoms get too severe. Even if you are able to successfully remove a substance from your body, you'll need to learn relapse prevention strategies in order stay sober.

Addiction treatment begins when you are ready to ask for help. With the right treatment, you will be able to begin your journey into sobriety. You'll start at a detox facility, where you will meet with a counselor to address all of your needs. Together you will develop a treatment plan that will help you through the recovery process. You'll decide what type of treatment you may need next. Whether you need an extended stay at a drug rehab in West Hartford, or you want to attend treatment on an outpatient basis, programs throughout West Hartford are there for you if you need them.

If you are nervous about returning home after drug rehabilitation, there are programs for addiction throughout West Hartford that enable you to live with others who are in the same situation you are. Sober living is a relapse prevention program that allows you to live in a home with others who are also struggling with sobriety. You will meet good friends in sober living, and learn new ways to cope with the addiction in your life. Call West Hartford Drug Rehab Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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