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Drug addiction is a disease that is difficult to fight alone. While you may try to stop taking drugs on your own at home, this is usually not successful. Recovery is a lengthy process and one that begins with a drug detox and continues on throughout your life as you learn relapse prevention strategies. Drug rehab programs focus on teaching you positive coping skills to prevent the need for a further drug rehab treatment center. If you are addicted to drugs and you aren't sure what to do next, it is time to call for help and see what is available for you in a drug rehab in West Hartford. Contact West Hartford Drug Rehab Centers today to learn more at (877) 804-1531.

Understanding the Basics of Drug Rehabs in West Hartford

Drug rehabs in West Hartford are the process of removing drugs from your system and learning how to live a life without using drugs. Drug rehab programs begin with a call for help and admitting that you have a problem abusing substances. You will talk with a counselor to see what type of help you need. Rehab is a process that goes on for years, but it begins with a period of withdrawal. This can last a week or more, depending on the type of drug you were addicted to. Throughout your rehab, you will work with a counselor who will guide you through the process and come up with a treatment plan with you.

What Goes on at a Drug Rehab Treatment Center

When you first enter a drug and alcohol rehab treatment in West Hartford, you'll be assessed to see if you need to undergo a medically-assisted detox. You will work closely with a counselor to come up with a treatment plan to meet your needs while in recovery. In addition, you'll begin working with a counselor to address your drug abuse and the triggers that may have led you to the abuse in the first place. You will attend group meetings throughout the day, and you will hear from others who are struggling with substance abuse as you are. Treatment takes time, and you will continually talk with a counselor to prepare for your next step of treatment.

Treatment Options for Drug Rehabilitation in West Hartford

Drug rehab programs come in a variety of forms, depending on what type of help you need. While some people are able to return home after a period of drug detox in West Hartford, others need treatment on an inpatient basis to strengthen their sobriety. If you feel that you have the support you need to return home, you can go to treatment as an outpatient and go home each night. If you are nervous about your support at home, you can extend your stay at an inpatient treatment facility. In addition, you can move on to housing that is for a sober living once your stay at a rehabilitation facility is over. Sober living is an environment where people live who are working hard to remain sober but don't have the support they need at home. You will learn more about sober living and other treatment options when you enter a drug rehab treatment center and begin to talk about your future plans.

Why Entering a Drug Rehab Treatment Center is a Good Plan

There are many benefits to entering drug rehab programs to begin your recovery process. Trying to detox on your own is almost impossible, and getting your life back should be your number one priority. When you enter a drug rehab treatment center, you will begin to meet others who have the same issues. Once you can see that you are not alone, you will have an easier time reaching out for support when times get difficult for you.

When you are ready to quit drugs, you don't have to do it alone. With drug rehabs in West Hartford, you will get the support you need during your recovery when you begin to participate in treatment. You will learn from others who have already battled drug addiction ahead of you, and you will hear stories that are very similar to your own if you pay attention. Drug addiction is a disease, and when you learn how to cope with the disease, you will have a better chance at long term sobriety. If you are ready to begin a journey free from drugs, it's time to find a drug rehab treatment center in your area. Call West Hartford Drug Rehab Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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